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Two Thousand Found, One Lost
There were many things Lizzie had learned to expect on business trips like this. What she had not expected was her brother falling into one of Venice’s many canals on their first day there. Wallace couldn’t sit still due to his excitement and almost flipped the gondola. Luckily, their gondolier was able to steady the narrow boat, saving all of their equipment, but Wallace had fallen overboard regardless. Once Wallace had resurfaced, Lizzie pulled their bags off of the boat and onto the narrow sidewalk before gingerly helping her brother out of the polluted water.
“Well, that’s one way to start a vacation, isn’t it?” The man tried to ease the mood by laughing, but nervously trailed off as Lizzie glared at him.
“Okay, first, that was disgusting. You aren’t coming anywhere near me or our bags until you wash off all that canal water. Second, we are not on vacation. We are here for a job, and your little fantasy trip will have to wait until af
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Penelope's Reference Sheet Thinga-ma-bob by sailorcupcake Penelope's Reference Sheet Thinga-ma-bob :iconsailorcupcake:sailorcupcake 0 0 Penelope (Better Quality) by sailorcupcake Penelope (Better Quality) :iconsailorcupcake:sailorcupcake 1 0 Lookie what we found! by sailorcupcake Lookie what we found! :iconsailorcupcake:sailorcupcake 34 46 Elizabeth (Art Trade) by sailorcupcake Elizabeth (Art Trade) :iconsailorcupcake:sailorcupcake 0 2
Ao No Exorcist: More Than Human ch13
Yukio looked down at his brother’s sleeping form with worry. Mephisto said he would wake up when Mira—no, Salvuun had ‘collected all the stones’, whatever that meant. Where the Hell is Mephisto anyway? He said he’d explain everything today…As soon as he had thought that Mephisto strode through the door and sat next to Yukio.
“Sorry about the wait, dear boy. I had a few things to, ah, check up on.”
“It’s fine. I just want to understand all of this…”
“Alright…Where to start?”
“How about with the stones?”
“Right. I hope you have a few hours to spare.” Mephisto took a deep breath before he started the explanation. “Many millennia ago—before my time, even—Gehenna was just a place of war. There wasn’t any order at all. Ten demons were known as undefeated in this time. They each respected each other’s strength and decided to look for the leg
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Kichaa's Christmas
Kichaa darted through the halls trying to find the kitchen. Sure, the dorm that Mira stayed in—and by extension, himself—only had two other occupants, but it was huge. The poor ferret was rushing around to do some last minute errands that he thought were necessary. With the cram school’s Christmas party happening in a few hours, he couldn’t help but want to do something!
“Kichaa, what’re you doing here? I thought Mira was on a different floor.” Kichaa heard Kuro padding up behind him. He turned around and greeted the cat demon with a smile.
“I’m trying to find the kitchen…I’m not that good with directions…” He sighed and chased after his friend who had turned away.
“If you’re looking for the kitchen, follow me.”
Soon the two familiars made it to the kitchen where Ukobach was getting ready to make dinner. He looked up from his work and saw them staring at him. “Can I help you guys? I&
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Lira WIP by sailorcupcake Lira WIP :iconsailorcupcake:sailorcupcake 5 0
Of Miku and Keys
Miku raced into Harmony’s room and slammed the door behind her. Harmony looked up from her journal at the sudden noise.
“Miku, what’s going on?”
“Harmony I’m BEGGING you! Hide me from Rin!”
“Is that what all the yelling was about earlier?”
“Yes yes yes, now please let me stay in here for a little bit!”
The two girls fell silent as they heard Rin’s incoherent yelling echoing through the halls. Miku froze more—if possible—as heavy footsteps grew louder. Harmony sighed.
“You really shouldn’t provoke her.” She returned her attention to the journal in her lap.
“Does that mean I can stay in here?”
“For now.”
Len stared as Rin punched a hole through her pillow. Miku must’ve done something terrible to get the girl this mad.
“Um, Rin, w
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Ao No Exorcist: More Than Human ch12
Mephisto walked into his office and was met with an interesting sight. Amaimon was sitting on the desk in his human form. That shouldn’t have been able to happen; only Mephisto could allow the Earth King to switch out of his hamster form.
“Amaimon! W-What—” His words were cut off as something—or someone—pinned him against the wall.
“Hello again, Samael. Miss me?”
Rin and Yukio ran as fast as they could to Mephisto’s office. There was some sort of explosion and they were the closest people to the scene. Yukio faltered slightly at seeing the splintered door sitting across the hall. Rin flew past his brother into the charred room and stopped at the sight.
“What…happened…?” The boy was in too much shock to actually form a sentence.
“Rin…get out…of here…” Mephisto’s voice weakly resonated
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IM SO HAPPY by sailorcupcake IM SO HAPPY :iconsailorcupcake:sailorcupcake 0 4 Alice by sailorcupcake Alice :iconsailorcupcake:sailorcupcake 3 0 Maddhatter by sailorcupcake Maddhatter :iconsailorcupcake:sailorcupcake 1 0 Cheshire Kat by sailorcupcake Cheshire Kat :iconsailorcupcake:sailorcupcake 0 0 Merone, Serpent of the Seas by sailorcupcake Merone, Serpent of the Seas :iconsailorcupcake:sailorcupcake 0 0 Merone Eats a Strawberry~ by sailorcupcake Merone Eats a Strawberry~ :iconsailorcupcake:sailorcupcake 0 0
Don't ignore it. Check out my gallery!


Simple oneshot fanfics that range from one page to five pages in Microsoft Word.

I will write from the following fandoms:
Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin
Blue Exorcist
D.Gray Man
Black Butler
Sailor Moon
Despicable Me (especially the minions! really just for the minions!)
Fruits Basket
Ouran High School Host Club
Maximum Ride
Moon Phase
Princess Tutu

*Note: "Lavi's Day" was not a commission. It's one of my only oneshots.*


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Okay people, here's the rundown:
I've become very busy and have a massive writer's block.
I will update occasionally and may reply to messages, but don't expect me to be on like I used to.
Right now, I just want to write and try and survive my summer reading project -_-
So, I guess this is a temporary farewell.
It's been fun, but deviantart has taken a backseat. Scratch that, the internet has taken a back seat. I've been writing in journals, using my typewriter, just-in a way-falling back in time. I go on youtube for music and I read fanfics, but other than that, I'm pretty much inactive.
I'll be checking in sometimes, though.
So here's to getting out of my slump.

Sorry to have to do this,


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I just put a random number in the goal XD

BUUUUUT since this is the only way I get points, here it is.

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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hi guys! I'm an anime lover and an aspiring author! Please check out my works!

And even though it's not my ACTUAL name, call me Moyashi!


Fandoms I belong to:
Attack On Titan Stamp: I'm Watching You by wow1076 Stamp - Pokemon: NotJustAGame by jennyrogue Super Smash Bros Brawl Stamp by nakashimariku Ao no Exorcist Stamp by ReverieSummoner Sherlock by 1stClassStamps Doctor Who Stamp by Zalina678 (there's more but I'm just lazy.)

What I ship:
Why HELLO There by Over-My-Head41 I SAY... TAKE ME OUT by Over-My-Head41 Preciousmetalshipping.:Stamp:. by ForbiddenchasmX Blue Bromance Stamp by natersal Isshushipping stamp 3 by cheetahprince:thumb61739168: Supporting LavixAllen... by Zakkur-a:thumb390747410: CafeMochaShipping by HarukotheHedgehog

Just some funny stamps:
Dancing Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwler SH Sherlock Stamp by TwilightProwler th_tail by ChildishDreamsDesign th_snap by ChildishDreamsDesign:thumb362098685: Hamaimon stamp by Tkaczka:thumb252913310: Mephisto Laughs at you by Melodious-Muse Kuro Stamp by Melodious-Muse A no E: Excited Rin stamp by Kaze-yo Kuro and Rin Stamp by Melodious-Muse Ao no exorcist stamp 2 by Tkaczka Useless knowledge by paramoreSUCKS Useless Cool-looking Stamp by X-wing9 Random Stamps : Magic Conch by Kevfin FFFFFFF Stamp by hobbledehoy Spelling Stamp by SweetDuke Rain and Sunshine by decors Big Words by QuidxProxQuo Don't by Paddy-fan Creepy Smile Stamp by ERHBuggy Remember to forget by BurningAshDragon:thumb424416292: Stanzas for music by SirvanaRachana Stanzas to Jessy by SirvanaRachana Stanzas to the Po by SirvanaRachana Stanzas to a lady... by SirvanaRachana Stanzas written ... by SirvanaRachana To a vain lady 2 by SirvanaRachana To... 2 by SirvanaRachana To a vain lady by SirvanaRachana To Eliza by SirvanaRachana To Caroline by SirvanaRachana To Anne by SirvanaRachana To a lady by SirvanaRachana Parisina by SirvanaRachana Svalbard by SirvanaRachana Brunei by SirvanaRachana Kuwait by SirvanaRachana And wilt thou weep... by SirvanaRachana And thou art dead... by SirvanaRachana Egotism by SirvanaRachana The chain I gave by SirvanaRachana Aristomenes by SirvanaRachana Tunisia by SirvanaRachana Mental Wi-Fi by prosaix Wishful Thinking by whispwill




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Pixis's Granddaughter

LevixWendy Pixis (OC) - Shingeki no Kyojin/Attuck on Titan…

As the only female in the Pixis bloodline, Wendy grew up coddled by the guys. Against her family's wishes, she becomes a recon soldier under Levi's command, but his inability to look past her upbringing keeps her from getting the respect she craves. But Wendy Pixis has inherited more than just her grandfather's eyes, and she's not about to let her Captain talk her down.

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